•       The Eye Doctor

                                                                              By: Gavin Garcia


           The class phone was screeching my name as I was packing up, and it was time to go to The Eye Doctor. Really? It had to be in the middle of a cool project? I rushed down the hall, or at least it felt like I was! I burst through the office door to be greeted by Mom’s smile. I calmed down a bit, but my mind was racing.


            “What Ifs” were coming alive in my head as we drove to the eye clinic to see The Eye Doctor. I didn’t have make-up work, so I didn’t need to worry about that. The radio played as I kept on thinking. The radio almost always calms me down, but not this time. Then, the office came into sight just as my stomach flipped.

            We had a little trouble finding Dr. Bruce’s office, (aka The Eye Doctor) and finally pulled in. Mom gave me a pep talk about why I shouldn’t worry. Mom is always the first one I share my feelings with. Mom and I were sitting in The Eye Doctor’s sloppy waiting room filled with baby toys. Mom was busy with a questionnaire about me, while I watched It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas on the TV that hung in one corner of the room.

     They called my name after what felt like an hour of waiting, and I trudged into the test room. There was a gigantic machine that spooked me a bit, and mom started pep talking me again. Soon, a nurse came in to run some basic tests. They were those tests that made you look at those tiny letters (That I can’t really see) on a screen and so on. After, a woman came in and put special drops in my eye to paralyze my eye lens’ muscles. After that, we went back to the waiting room to do more, of course, waiting.

     They called my name again to do the real tests with The Eye Doctor. We went back to another room and waited some more. He finally came in. Ughhh! Too much waiting! The doctor had paralyzed my eye’s lens before so they could see inside my eye. He used that spooky machine to see how blurry objects look to me. After five minutes, he was done. My heart sank the moment he said “He” (aka me) and “needs glasses”. It was only for looking at the smart board in school and for watching TV, but I am NOT looking forward to it!