•   Let’s go E- Days lets go!

    By: Talya Margalit

    In my opinion e-days are good because, it might not take so long for your lesson and work so then you could have time to play in the snow. For example, e-days prevent having to make up days at the end of the year, so then you could have a longer summer. In my school, we must make up days at the end of the year and we get less summer because of these snow days, so by having these e-days we don’t need to make them up.


    I like school so I wouldn’t mind doing e-days. Let’s be real how much do you play in the snow? When I play in the snow 2 hours’ max, so I would have time to learn and play in the snow in the same day. What is so bad about school anyways?? So, when its summer its boring for most of it and when its school time it’s not, because your involved in something not just on your phone or doing other things. When it’s the beginning of the summer its usually fun. There’s camp, fun with friends, its nice outside, and its worm.  


                Occasionally we have snow days but sometimes it more then only one day. On that note I like learning like I said, and you can complete the lesson whenever and be comfortable in bed in your pajamas with a blanket and whatever because you’re at home! Also, you can wake up whenever you want. They also prevent having to have your parents drive you to school or pay for the busses or after and before school CER.


    It makes it safer because sometimes there might be ice on the streets and when you drive in a car or bus you could get in an accident from the ice or all the snow because it could also be snowing and while you’re driving. Although some kids might be able to cheat by searching up the answers the teachers know how their students work so if suddenly they do good on something that there not usually  good at the teacher will know and so will the parents if they see their kids cheat they would tell the teachers.


                When there’s snow days there could be tests so you would miss a lot of learning and tests or quizzes so when they get back you would have to do them all on the same day and maybe not get to always learn what they missed on that day or DAYS!! Sometimes it also dangerous to be outside in the morning because of the cold. That happened once so we had to have a delay opening. Some people say that that day someone froze but is still alive but frozen. Do you agree with me or disagree? Do you want e-days or not?