By: Gabby Janka

    AHHHHH, PLEASE DON’T EAT ME! Oh, wait you’re not a dinosaur what are you? MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Well it doesn’t matter; anyways did you know that they are bringing back dinosaurs! Wait, what do you mean they can’t bring back dinosaurs. I remember that someone told me that they can’t bring them back because there is no DNA in their fossil bones anymore. So, that’s not a rumor. Well then tell me more about this bringing extinct animals back to life.

    Most of the population stated that it would be dangerous to bring back harmful creatures, but what if we bring back creatures that will help the environment. The Irish Elk is an extinct animal that was found in Cervidae.  Scientists believe that an Irish Elk is indeed related to a red deer. Some people would call it horse, but once you see their antlers, they are magnificent. Irish Elks have the same diet as regular dears. Does the Irish Elk sound harmful to you?

    Next one up is the, drum roll please… THE SEA COW. Steller’s sea cow is a mammal. The sea cow is most likely related to a seal because of its features. The sea cow has a long trunk just like an anteater and an elephant, but the sea cow has a different diet then them. The sea cow eats water lettuce, alligator weed, saltwater plants, and more! If you want to imagine the sea cow think of this. A trunk of an anteater, a diet of a cow, and a body of a seal mixed together. Wow even I can’t imagine a beautiful creature like that.

    Our last animal of the day is the Quagga! The quagga is a more unique type of animal. The quagga has the same diet of a zebra, stripes of a tiger, and the body of a horse! If a tiger was to see a quagga it would be so confused to what it is. If it wasn’t extinct you would be able to ride it like a horse.

    Well thanks mom for telling me that. I guess I can never tame a dinosaur.  Wow, I can’t believe those animals existed and that they can in the future. Let me leave you off with a few questions. Which animal did you like the best? Don’t those animals deserve a second chance?