• What Happens Behind The Camera?

    By: Charlotte Filak


    While watching movies, you feel so many different emotions throughout it. One minute u may feel sad and scared and the next u could be laughing hysterically, but movies have become a much more serious matter. This is because animals are getting abuse behind the movie scene. Some casts are very nice to animals but others are very cruel by abusing them and even killing them. And let’s not forget how dangerous it could be for actor too! This is a very serious matter for both the actors and animals.

           It is very important for us to stop this abusing because animals cannot speak for themselves. Movie cast are mistreating these animals; it is not fair for them to get hurt because of a movie. For example, while filming scenes for the hobbit over 27 animals died and the cast purposely made wolf eat over 3 chickens! This is very cruel and not an exceptional way to treat these poor helpless animals! What did they ever do to us? After all they never agreed to be in the movie.

           Besides for it being dangerous for animals it is also dangerous for actors. Some movies use very dangerous animals and they can really get hurt actors. It is not safe to work with dangerous animals under the circumstances of filming a movie even if there is a wildlife expert in the room. In fact, actors can get seriously injured and the movie must be filmed at different times instead of it coming out as soon as possible. And wouldn’t you rather see it soon rather than later.

           In addition to this it can be very hard for animals to adapt to the movie scene. There can be many dangers that come of this. For example, animals get very comfortable and used to living in their habitat, but when they are pulled to make a movie the set is completely different than their habitat. This can cause great danger because animals may then think that this is their new world. Pursing this when they are put back in their habitat they can suffer because they are used to real food, air conditioning, and they can become less viscous, so they won’t be able to hunt. As you can see this is a dangerous idea that has started and isn’t going to end unless we put an end to it.

           In final analysis having animals in movies it a horrific idea that has caused danger, is causing danger, and will always cause danger. We must put an end to this for your health, my health, animals’ health and everyone around us. this is a very serious matter that must be taken under great decision because if not people can get seriously hurt and so can the animals. I know we don’t want to lose anyone or any animals. If everyone pitches in I know we can put an end to this despicable idea!