• Being A New Kid Advancing


    Do you know how it feels to be nervous on the first day of going to a new school? I am going to tell you a time when this happened. I was very wary and wasn’t the top notch person in the subject of “having friends”. This time was the preliminary of going to a public school. I was unaccompanied with practically no friends. I didn’t understand reading comprehension in third grade the most in the beginning of my new school year at a new public school in a new town. It started out moderately hard as you can see in this passage. I also had a goal


    During the year I was getting only a bit more company. It wasn’t truly enjoyable with no one to hang out with during the year. There was also a pit and a peak which means a good part and a bad part. The peak was that answering questions was becoming easier for me and my hand was popping up more. The pit was only to have more company and have many friends. Another thing that was also exciting was that I was getting little better grades in reading comprehension. I also liked the increase of equipment on the recess area, but I especially liked the bouncy balls on the recess area. I actually took a standardized test for the first time and I was a little nervous at first. I took the PARCC test also and didn’t have much trouble during the week of PARCC.

    The year was close to coming to an end. For me the whole friends “thing” was working out a little bit better that it used to be. I was actually getting a lot more friends and the increase of friends went from 1 to 10. My grades also increased from about a C to a B. My shyness problem from the beginning of the year was completely blank and demolished and I was happy that it happened. I was happy that I lost my shyness problem because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have got the increase of friends and that would really be horrible for me.

    At the end of the year I found out that Signal Hill Elementary School was an awesome school. It has a lot of fun that I didn’t know at the beginning of the year. It furthermore is the best school ever in my opinion. Coming to this school made me lose my shyness problem. This school is awesome and I love it. Signal Hill Elementary School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     By: Shubham Gupta