Animals in Movies

    By: Talya Margalit





    Caution Don’t Read If You Are Against Not Having Animals in Movies.

    At the beginning, you might think that I’m over exenterating but I am NOT, and you’ll see why at the end!

     Animals in Movies may be fun to see. Like “kung Fu panda” Have you ever seen the movie “Zookeeper”? It’s very funny right. But what we don’t know is how the animals get treated. And I have the answer for you, BADLY. Most people don’t know it or think it, but it is true.

    One time for a movie they blindfolded a horse and pushed it off a cliff, and the horse brock its back and neck and almost drowned in water where they pushed him off. They risk animal’s lives thinking that its nothing when it’s a big big deal. They also abuse animal’s if they don’t do what the people want them to do, and it’s sad because these animals don’t deserve it. They deserve to be treated equally.              

    Some people don’t mind that there getting hurt. I saw a documentary about how they were preparing to make a movie with a monkey in it and it was about the first living thing to go to space and in real life they abused the monkey and in the movie.

     Most people think it’s not a big deal but it is. If this keeps happening some species of animals could get extinct or most of the animals could dye and this would affect our food chain, and without the food chain we wouldn’t be able to live and that could affect a lot!

    So now do you see why I don’t think it a good idea to have animals in movies.