• Boat Day

    By: Chris DiPoalo

    This was my first extraordinary time in my best friend’s grandfather’s boat. My best buddies name is Tommy. He’s two weeks younger than me. We have been buds every since we were born. My friend is an excellent fisher. He is also taller than me by a long shot.

    Anyway, back to the boat story. This was my first exciting time on a boat. As for my friend, this was not his first time on a boat, not even close to his fist time. So I got on the boat, I was all cheerful, but then I remembered a book I read about when I was four. It was a book about sharks! It was about how they can smell blood a mile away, so I got a shiver down my spine. Now on the outside I looked ok, but on the inside I was freaking out.

    So I was looking out for sharks and piranhas. Granite I was between 4 and 7 at the time, so I didn’t know piranhas didn’t live in the ocean. So I was taking caution, but it was hard because I was having an exciting time. We were fishing, and I love fishing. I don’t think I caught anything though, but I think my friend caught something.

    I was sad when we had to leave because it turned out to be so much fun. My friend and I couldn’t stop talking about it even when it was time to go to sleep. It was the best time I’ve been on a boat since.