• E-Days, Are They Necessary or Not?

    By: Sydney Steiner

            Don’t you just love playing in the snow, because I know I do! After you get the call from your school telling you that you are home for the day, don’t you just want to jump for joy? But, snow days are starting to become a problem! Because of snow, kids must make up days at the end of the year. To prevent this from happening, many schools have started using E-Days. An E-Day is when you have a snow day and you grab your computer and do your work, instead of playing in the snow! You are stuck inside your house doing a full school day’s work. For instance, you become more jealous just watching the snow fall… just being tempted to play in it. Here’s my opinion on why you should NOT have E-Days.

            One reason why I do not want E-Days is that if a student has a question on their work they can’t ask their teacher for help. For example, the child’s parents may not even understand too, so now you are totally stuck! At some schools, the teacher allows the kids in the class to contact them if they have a question on their work. But, it is not the same as a real school day. Also, if a student is not very good at the lesson that they were assigned, it is very difficult to understand over technology. Because I am nowhere near done stating my opinion, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

            Another reason is that most kids do not have electronics, or they must share electronics with their siblings. Consequently, they can’t do their work. Therefore, their school must pay for the student to have the supplies they need, or they will be behind on their work. In addition, it is very expensive to set E-days up. You don’t want your school running out of money just so you are not behind on your work, do you? However, some schools allow their students to hand in their work a couple days after the E-Days if they don’t have electronics at home.

            On the other hand, there are (I hate to say it) good things about E-Days. Obviously, you do not have to make up days in the summer. In fact, some schools don’t have air conditioning, so when students are in class at the end of the year they are very un-focused. Along with staying cool kids get to do their work in their pajamas and in their bed. If they are an early-riser you can wake up early and do your work. If you finish your work early you can go out and play in the snow. But if you don’t wake up early, sorry no snow for you!

              Even though E-Days sound great, don’t be fooled. Although you’re not in school during the summer, snow is the perfect stress reliever in the winter time. I know you may think differently than me, but snow is very important in my childhood, and it makes kids VERY happy. Hey, do you want to play in the snow with me? Oh, you need to finish your work, have fun!