•                E-Day, E-WHAT?

              What?! This isn’t right… What is E-Learning? Learning… Learning… Learning! On a snow day? We’re supposed to play in the snow, not do homework! What kind of technological world are we living in? I really just wanted to go sledding. What is going on? I’ve got to get to the bottom of this. And fast!

    From my research, I found out that E-Learning is a program where on snow days, students can learn and work from the seat of their couch! At first, I didn’t think I would like this idea but now I think it’s great! To be honest, this is awesome! How come I didn’t hear this idea before? I really didn’t expect that I would like something that has the word, “learn”, in it. I thought learning on a snow day was a crazy man’s idea but it’s actually pretty cool. Working on a snow day isn’t an idea I would think of.

    I may love this idea but there are some cons about it. Since it’s an online source, students without devices cannot do the E-Learning. And since they couldn’t, at the end of the year, they will have to suffer by re-doing their day off as an extra school day. Being stuck at school in the summer stinks. But an even worse thing is being stuck at school while your friends who did do E-Learning are out at the beach on a warm summer day. But even if you do have an electronic device you still may be in some trouble. Electric outages and blackouts can cause the device to lose wireless connection services (wi-fi) or their device could just shut off. That way, they can’t do E-Learning (or have an E-Day) and once again, that will make them have an extra day at the end of the year and will leave them at school instead of hanging out in the sand of the beach.

    The reason that it is easier to cheat is another con. Actually, there are two reasons. 1: It is the internet. So…duh. 2: Without your teacher, there in person to see if you are cheating, there are endless ways to cheat. Or the basic calculator. E-Days? More like Cheat-Days. Not the best way to do homework. Not at all.

    Enough with the pros and cons. Here’s what I think. Personally, I think taking an E-Day on a day when school’s over is a great idea! Though there have been many cons, the pros are pulling me towards the E-Learning program. I really like the idea. It allows me to start summer break before most people. We get extra days at the end of the year because we get days off. Including, of course, snow days. We get days off yet we still need to be in class for the 180 days of school-it’s mandatory. But, we can prevent staying at school for extra days in the summer (where you WANT to be out of school) by doing E-Days. We may need 180 days of school but doing E-Learning on one of the days where we are off will count as a school day. Without the lunch, recess, and special activities of school, a school day only lasts a few hours. And if you do those hours for E-Learning, it counts as the school day. Meaning you won’t have to have an extra day of school in the summertime because you technically went to school! I think it’s pretty cool. This way, by doing E-Learning, you get some time to make some sand castles!