•                                                 E-Day? No Way!

                            By: Gavin Garcia


        News Flash: A monster called e-days is taking over snow days! Who had that idea? Probably a person who hates snow! Just who hates snow? Let’s see, first of all, snow looks beautiful. Meanwhile, it’s shapeable, playable, and even edible! Who want e-days to parade over the snow and ruin the fun? No one! This is how e-days are positively not needed.

              What is very common in snowstorms? It’s power outages and obviously snow, but that means as a result, no e-day. So say if all of Voorhees start e-days, and half the town’s power is out, that means half of Voorhees students have no e-day. Consequently, thousands of dollars’ worth of planning and building a lesson is wasted completely. This reason leads to my next reason.

              That reason is money, money, and more money. Setting up and managing a e-day website is confusing and costly. On the other hand, if there is a power outage, all that time, money, effort, and stress gets flushed down the toilet. All that might even clog it! With school that are financially unstable, e-days are not a good move. Especially because we don’t even get that much snow every year, clearly teachers pound their head and rack their brains for nothing.



    Some kids don’t have the resources they need to learn. Furthermore, they could just whip out a calculator and the teacher would never know. It’s a bit tempting to see your dad watching TV or your iPad and 3DS lying across the room, begging to be pressed. I know you could be on the couch, eating a bowl of chips, but still, just why?

              If you see the big picture which by the way is very big says that e-days have more cons than pros. Once again, who wants to lose a well-deserved snow day? Obviously I don’t, do you? I put my foot down on e-days, who needs them anyway? Whose side are you on?