• E-Days

    By: Sam Zak


    Imagine that you are in a school where you should do work on a snow days instead of having the best snow day of the year (E-days). How would you feel? E-Days are when there is a snow day and instead of playing in the snow and having fun you should stay in side and work on school work. Even though sounds bad it isn’t and that is why I’m with E-Days instead of against them. At the end of this writing think about what would be with E- Days or snow days. 

    A reason why I’m with E-days is because when you are finished with your work you can go outside and play in the snow. Evidence to prove this theory is in the news report the reporters stated that when the student our done their work their parents can send out an E-mail to the teacher saying that their kid is done their work. Another piece of evidence is that in the article it stated that the students can start their work whenever they want to in that snow day. This proves that even though you must miss snow days you can still play in the snow

    A different reason as in why I’m with E-days is that you don’t have to sit in hot classroom. The evidence to prove my theory is in the news when the reporter states there are some classes in America that don’t have are conditioning. So when they have to make up the days at the end the year they have to sit in the heat and learn in the heat. Another thing is that not just schools in America what about schools all around the world that have no air conditioning and its over 100 degrees and there sitting in class learning. This proves that you should be grate full that we have air conditioning because they are some schools that don’t have air conditioning and there sitting in the heat learning while we have air conditioning learning in the cool air.

    In my opinion I think our school should have E-days. The reason why I think we should have E-days is because it will help our learning instead of playing the snow and forgetting everything you learned in the past few days. Look back to the beginning when I asked you what would you choose. Now what would you choose E-days or Snow days?