• I AM Poem

    By: Kayla Spalter


    I am creative and clumsy

    I wonder what I will fall on next

    I hear the muffins in the oven beeping

    I see the floor come closer as I fall  

    I want to watch where I am going

    I am creative and clumsy


    I pretend to be a contestant on The Food Network

    I feel the paint brush in my hand

    I touch the refrigerator door to get the ingredients 

    I worry that I will kill myself someday

    I cry when I fall on something hard

    I am creative and clumsy


    I understand that I can hurt myself someday

    I say that I am not THAT clumsy, but I really am

    I dream that I will never walk into a wall again  

    I try not to make a mistake on the painting

    I hope I don’t mess up because I don’t like to start over  

    I am creative and clumsy