I AM Poem

    By: Sydney Steiner


    I am selfless and compassionate

    I wonder how I can make people happy at all times

    I hear people call for my help and my feet hitting the ground in a rush to help them

    I see their happy faces after I come over and assist them

    I want to make everyone happy; if I do, then I will make myself happy

    I am selfless and compassionate


    I pretend that I can make everyone joyful in the world

    I feel that if I can’t help somebody right away, I will try to find a way

    I touch the hand of a person who needs a friend

    I worry that one day there will be no help for anyone

    I cry when I think about all of the people that I have turned down in the past

    I am selfless and compassionate


    I understand that I can’t help everybody, but I can at least try

    I say that you should never give up on someone

    I dream that everyone will always have a warm, kind heart

    I try to always be the peson I invision of myself

    I hope that my personality never changes, no matter the situation

    I am selfless and compassionate