I AM Poem

    By: Shubham Gupta


    I am respectful and hard-working

    I wonder what will happen in my future

    I hear the sound of work approaching and am ready to work

    I want to help people and respect them if they need me

    I am respectful and hard-working


    I pretend to imagine my future life and how I can be kind

    I feel sad when someone disrespects another person, so I respect everyone

    I touch my work, finish it up, and feel refreshed

    I worry when I am nervous or stressed and need my work done soon

    I cry when I have to work for almost 24 hours, but I know I have to do it

    I am respectful and hard-working


    I understand when someone is getting disrespected right when I am standing in front of them

    I say sorry to people who get disrespected in my family or if I know them

    I dream of being a hard-worker and respecting other people, and I want to start as a child

    I try to be as respectful as I can always even when I am not feeling well

    I hope I can become a very successful adult and follow all my goals in all subjects

    I am respectful and hard-working