• I AM Poem

    By: Gabby


    I am curious and courageous

    I wonder when the concert is going to start

    I hear rumors that the new girl already got detention, I wonder if they’re true 

    I see a guy bulling a 6th grader, so I tell him to stop

    I want to help the people over there, so I go defend them

    I am curious and courageous

    I pretend that I am fighting a dragon

    I feel scared when someone I don’t know touches me, so I man up and run away

    I touch a lot of things to see what they feel like

    I worry that my sister is in trouble, so I run home and help her.

    I cry when I touch something that cuts me

    I am curious and courageous

    I understand that I shouldn’t hit someone when they punch someone

    I say stop when someone is bulling someone

    I dream that I will soon travel to Bulgaria

    I try to help people when they need help

    I hope that someday I can travel all around the world

    I am curious and courageous