I AM Poem

    By: Gavin Garcia


    I am inventive and intelligent

    I wonder what I could make for the next big invention

    I hear about past inventions and dream big

    I see the teacher grading my paper, giving an A+

    I want to be an intelligent inventor, just like those before me

    I am inventive and intelligent


    I pretend to be on a gigantic stage, presenting my big ideas

    I feel those math problems whizzing through my head

    I touch those tools and smooth wires, while creating away

    I worry about how my invention works and if it can complete the test

    I cry when I make silly mistakes and learn for next time

    I am inventive and intelligent


    I understand the world around me and all that needs to be fixed

    I say no problem is impossible to solve, from math to reading to science

    I dream big and think hard, from every little issue

    I try to make the world better by solving the unsolved

    I hope I will make a difference, whether it’s with inventions or intelligence

    I am inventive and intelligent