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    Fifth graders  were asked to ponder the following question:  WHY IS ART WORK?  The question was asked to give students time to reflect on the artistic process.  This thinking aligns with GROWTH MINDSET and STUDIO HABITS OF MIND frameworks.  The above photos highlight a few responses.
     All of the responses were thoughtful and can be seen on the ART IS WORK bulletin board in room 20.
    "Art is work because you work hard to make art good.  Also, it gives a chance to express and brings meaning to life."  Christian
    "Art is work because you need to have the courage to pour your heart and soul into your work, and do it with proper techniques, color combinations and show your emotions with a clear, strong voice." Bella 
    "Art is work because you can't just throw a bucket of paint and expect to have a Mona Lisa right in front of you.  You have to try if you don't try you won't do as great as if you tried to do good."  Matthew