• Dear Fourth Grader,

    Welcome to fourth grade!  I am so happy you are in my class this year at Osage Elementary School!  I can’t wait to meet you!  

    I hope you are excited about beginning fourth grade because this will be a fun, fabulous and fascinating year of learning!  Throughout the year, we will strengthen and expand our skills as readers, writers and mathematical problem-solvers as we tackle new concepts and challenges in all academic areas.  We will read, discuss and write about intriguing new topics to refine and improve our literacy skills. Get ready to stretch your marvelous math skills as we delve even more deeply into place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, estimation, geometry and more!   These are just a few of the interesting and captivating experiences awaiting you in the year ahead!

    In preparation for a successful year, I ask that you kindly purchase the attached list of supplies for school.   This list is a combination of the general fourth grade supply list and a few additional items specific to our classroom.  Please refer to this list when purchasing supplies for the upcoming school year.

    Please remember to bring all your supplies on the first day of school, Thursday, Sept. 7th.This will help us get organized so we can dive right into learning.  Also, you are welcome to bring a small snack (granola bar, apple, cheese stick, etc.) to hold you over for our daily lunch at 12:30.

    Most importantly, please remember to bring your enthusiasm for learning, a positive attitude, sense of humor, caring heart and willingness to work hard.   With these qualities in place, we can accomplish fantastic feats in fourth grade! I can’t wait to get started!

     Your excited fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Rossi  (Rossic@voorhees.k12.nj.us)

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    Mrs. Rossi’s 4th Grade Supply List:

    • Plastic "take-home folder" Labeled with YOUR name and “Take Home Folder”
    • One Clip-Board (*This is very important!!!)
    • 2 one-subject spiral notebooks (*One labeled Math and the other Language Arts)
    • 5 glue sticks (*If you could send in more glue that would be GREAT!!! We use LOTS of glue during the year.)
    • A pair of scissors (*Important!!!!)
    • Box of crayons (Small box is fine…)
    • Box of colored pencils
    • Pencil case
    • Small shoe box for cubbie or a small plastic bin for cubbie (*You can decorate the shoe box if you want for your cubbie 😊)
    • 24 sharpened pencils with erasers (*Sharpening pencils at home helps!!!)
    • Earbuds /or Headphones (for iPads) (*This is very important!!!)
    • One Stylus for your iPad (Optional)
    • 2 + boxes of tissues
    • 2 Boxes of Sanitizing wipes or Baby wipes (*If you can send in extra, that would help!! We do lots of hands-on activities and need to CLEAN up daily)
    • One Box of Large Ziploc baggies (*for projects)
    • Old Magazines Always Appreciated (Family Circle, Sports Magazines, Cooking Magazines, etc.) to cut up for Projects J
    • Optional: ANY old Legos you would like to donate to our Lego bin 😊
    • Optional: ANY old Board Games or Card Games for “Rainy Day Recess” 😊
    • Optional: ANY amount of bird seed and ANY amount suet, for our Bird Sanctuary (*More details on first day of school). The local birds in the Bird Sanctuary outside of our classroom window are VERY active! 😊
    • Finally, ANY donations such as crafts, art supplies, yarn, felt, beads, patterned paper, stickers, pipe cleaners, glitter, etc. are so appreciated!!!!!! We make Poetry Books, Short Story Books, Chapter Books, as well as seasonal crafts, so the items donated are well-used. Thanks.

    Looking forward to a GREAT year! 😊