• Overview

    This course is appropriate for educators of K-12 students. The course will encompass research, rationale and basic implementation of a lesson using The Socratic Seminar Method. Using relevant websites, educators will be introduced to the idea of The Socratic Circle. Educators will implement and lead one activity with their students using The Socratic Circle. *Please note that “seminar” and “circle” are used interchangeably and are synonymous. If at any time you have a question about the course, contact Dr. Diane Young at Youngd@voorhees.k12.nj.us


    Socratic Circles support student learning through collaboration, discussion, and evidentiary support. Critical thinking builds upon student ideas in respectful conversation, which in turn develops and fosters a deeper understanding and makes for an authentic learning environment.

    Course Goals:

    1.      The learner will develop a basic understanding of what a Socratic Circle looks like in a collaborative environment.

    2.      The learner will utilize a lesson plan from the Paideia Website to implement in the classroom.

    3.      The learner will contribute to an online discussion using Nimbus.