Grading and Homework Policy

  • Students must make every effort to turn assignments in on time and receive full credit. Late assignments are subject to penalties.


    The grading system is as follows:

    A+  99-100        B+  90-91        C+  81-82        D+  72-73

    A    94-98          B    85-89        C    76-80        D     67-71

    A-   92-93          B-  83-84        C-   74-75        D-    65-66

                                           F  64-50


  • Marking period grades will consist of the following:
    Homework and Classwork - 10%
    Quizzes and Notebook Checks - 40%
    Tests and Projects - 50%
    Homework assignments are checked for effort and reviewed in class.  Therefore, incomplete or late homework will be considered MISSING. Exceptions and arrangements will be made only for students who were absent.
    Note: If an assignment is requested to be turned in via Teams, it is due by 9:00 AM on the Due Date.