•                                  Husky Pride
                                                                                         Husky Pride! 
                                                               Click above to see a pdf version of the Husky Pride PowerPoint!
     Let's get started with creating your Wordle project!
    Click the link below to get your file template after you have read all of the directions!
                                               Click here to get the template.
    Click OPEN when the window pops up.
     Wait patiently while the file downloads.
     Save it to your h:\ in your Grade ? Web folder.
                            Office button > Save As> Open your Portfolio Folder>

                            Open your Grade 3 Folder> Make a new folder called Husky Pride 2015.
                                                       Click in the white area below it and then open it.
                             File Name: FN LN  Husky Pride Wordle List.
    Add at least 5-6 more ideas to the list, typing each 2 times.
    Save! :-) 
    You are ready to make your Wordle!