•                      MLK Jr.
                                                                 Our Dream
                                                                           By: Ally Kuklis
            Martin Luther King wanted to change the world. He gave speeches and
    protested about "we our all the same don't treat us different." He was put
    in jail many times, but refused to listen to the rules of skin colors set out
    to people. One of his biggest speeches was in front of the Washington
    monument. He said that " no one should be treated by their color but their
    character in their heart. My children deserve to grow up in a place were
    they our treated equally." Though some did not like him he continued to
    follow what he believed. I glad Martin Luther King Jr. dreams came true.
             I have a dream for the world ... that we should not take so much for
    granted, and think about those who do not have anything. I hate to see
    the people on the streets with nothing to eat and few pieces of clothing,
    as I eat my snack in the car watching a movie, or playing on my tablet. We
    should appreciate the things we do everyday that we take for granted
    school, clothing, food, home, and family. I wish that some day
    " people would think about others, and not just for themselves." This is
    important because we all need the same needs. Martin Luther King had a
    dream and so do I, you can have one to as long as you believe what is
    best for the world.
    Martin Luther King Jr