Learning with The Greenways

    Environmental Problem!

    The “Green” way!



    Leaving lights on when you’re not in the room.






    Turn lights and TVs off when you leave!


    Stoppers save lots of water when you rinse dishes.



    Stop water from keeping the water from going down the drain.


    Turning off the faucet will save thousands of gallons a year.



    Turn off the faucet and put washers between the hose connections.


    Using the broom saves water and keep and streams and lakes clean.



    Use your broom to clean the sidewalk in steed of using the hose.

    Using the wrench could save thousands of gallons of water a year.




    Use your wrench fixed a dripping sink faucet.


    Turning off the faucet will help save precious water resources.



    Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.



    I pledge to try to use the “Green” way at home and school. I will not waste water I will do that by drinking all of my water. Also I want to do that because it’s better for our earth.