Posted by Anastasia Parungao on 9/16/2017

    Well, it's been a while. The last time I updated this I was in THIRD grade. Now I'm just sad because I'm old now. Well I'm in sixth grade now.... and that's pretty much all I have to say soooo...Goodbryeee

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  • summer is over... oh well

    Posted by Anastasia Parungao on 9/10/2015

    Even though summer is ove i know im going to have fun this school year with my teacher mrs. court. :)

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  • Summer

    Posted by Anastasia Parungao on 6/3/2015
    The best part about summer is...well everything, like totes! My fave part is you are able to swim because swimming is like my fave sport ever. Another thing is you don't have to worry about missing school or anything(unless u have camp). My 3rd fave part is you can have sleepovers with you friends all the time in fact I had a sleepover yesterday with Symone Jonson-Arline. Well have fun and stay safe toodles!:) 
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  • I'm vip

    Posted by Anastasia Parungao on 5/20/2015
    Hi I'm back, and I'm in the spotlight (well that's what my class calls it).That means I'm vip. So I'll have to write out this paper. Then I have to make a poster with pictures of me, friends, b-day parties, and many more! You can also decorate your poster with stickers, markers and a lot more stuff.So now I have to get started with my project.
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