• Learning with The Greenways

    Environmental Problem!

    The “Green” way!

    If you don’t turn of the light you waste the electric system, and that’s bad for the Environmental!




    Turn lights and TVs off when you leave!

    Don’t liter in the Environmental because it’s really not good for the Earth!



    Take shorter showers!

    Don’t put toxic waste in the soil.    





    Don’t put oil in water because when they mix the water can’t be cleaned or the water can’t be clean again!        




    Pick up trash even if it’s not yours!!

    Don’t put toxic in anything waste!!




    Tern of water when your not using it!!


    I pledge to try to use the “Green” way at home and school. I will, pike up trash ware ever I see some and even if its not mine, I will also RECYCLE all the time and think before I throw anything away.