• Learning with The Greenways

    Environmental Problem!

    The “Green” way!



    Leaving lights on when you’re not in the room.






    Turn lights and TVs off when you leave!

    Leaving faucet on when you don’t need water.




    Turn of the water.

    Leaving water running when we brush.




    Only leave it on when you need it to brush.

    Pour water when you don’t need to pour water.




    Only turn it on if you need it very badly.

    Leave trash on the ground.




    Pick up the trash and throw it away.

    Trashing paper when you didn’t write anything.




    Only trash paper when you fully finished writing on it.



    I pledge to try to use the “Green” way at home and school. I will tell people who do environmental problems to stop doing that and tell them to do greenways to keep our Earth awesome. You use water every day and if you want to save your water you should reuse, recycle, and reduce to keep our water safe. You use your water to wash your clothes and our bodies.