• Learning with The Greenways

    Environmental Problem!

    The “Green” way!



    Leaving lights on when you’re not in the room.






    Turn lights and TVs off when you leave!


    Leaving the sink on when you are not using it.




    Turning the sins off when you are not using it.


    If you have an electric tooth brush and you keep it on all day.




    Turning the tooth brush off when you are not brushing your teeth


    If you have a phone and you are on it and you stop playing with and you wait for it to turn off.




    Turn it off instead of waiting.


    Using too much paper.




    Using both sides of the paper before throwing it out.


    Using too much fertilizer.





    Don’t use fertilizer because it makes pollution.



    I pledge to try to use the “Green” way at home and school. I think all of these things are good but I really want to try to use both sides of our paper because paper is made of trees and trees give us air!!!!!!!!!!! At my school we are going to get water bottles and I we don’t finish then we are going to put our initials so we can save the water bottles. I love to save our earth…………HELP!!!!!