•                         Our Dreams
                      By: Lauren Borie
    Martin Luther King Jr's dream was that all the little black boys and little
    black girls would join together with the little white boys and little white girls and wouldn't
    treat the other kids differently. He also didn't want all the people to be treated by the
    way they looked. Martin Luther King Jr wanted them to be treated by their character. I
    think his dream made a change in the world. I also think he made the world a better place
    with his I have a dream speech.

    My Dream

    My dream is that people just stop treating people differently. I think it would be a
    better place if the in the whole world would just stop treating people differently. So what
    if the have brown eyes or blue eyes or if they have white skin or if they have black skin
    it's just the way they were born. They probably don't want to be name called. What
    happened if they called you names? How would you feel? So stop bulling today. Stop
    today because you probably don't want to be bullied right?