• Learning with The Greenways

    Environmental Problem!

    The “Green” way!



    Leaving lights on when you’re not in the room.






    Turn lights and TVs off when you leave!

    Plant poisons can hurt pets and young children.



    Dig weeds up instead of poisoning them.

    Yard waste likes leaves, dead branches  take up valuable space in landfills when thrown away.




    Use yard waste as compost for the soil.

    When people use tiny boxes for many things is wasting cardboard.




    Use big boxes so it can reduce cardboard waste.

    If people use paper and plastic bags it wastes a massive amount of trees.




    Use cotton or polyester bags.

    Dumping oil down the storm drain leads into lakes and oceans.




    Recycle oil by calling the health care factory.



    I pledge to try to use the “Green” way at home and school. I will turn off my night light in the morning. I will reduce the amount of stuffed animals I buy. I will use printer ink wisely. I pledge to use the green way.