•                                             Our Dream
                                       By Kayla Spalter 
                               Dr. King  
         Martin Luther King Jr had a dream. His dream was no matter the skin
    color. Everybody should be able to drink out of the same water fountain and
    eat at the same places. And other privileges. Martin Luther Kings most
    famous speech was at Washington called The dream. It was about freedom
    and rights. Later some people still didn't like him so somebody killed
    Luther at the age 39. But his dream was still accomplished!
                                               My Dream
          Have you ever heard that a animal got hurt for no reason? My unique
    dream is that all animals will be treated like humans unless your using
    for your natural needs. I think animals deserve everything humans
    do. No animal should get hurt or killed. That's why I want to save all
    animals small and big. Hopefully some day I will accomplish my dream!
    Just like Martian Luther king did.