•                               Our Dreams

                                                By  Aidan Daniel

                            Dr. King

         Martin Luther King Jr.'s (Or MLK Jr.) Dream was that all people like

    black people and white people to have PEACE. He didn't want the black

    people and the white people to be mean to each other. And as a black

    person, he knows the experience so he wanted the white people to not be

    regardless of their actions. So I'll tell you about how the black people

    were treated in the 2nd paragraph.

         When people went to the bathroom, one of the signs said "White" and

    the other said "Colored". That was offensive to the black people. On the

    bus, black people had to sit in the back. They didn't want to so they

    didn't go on the bus for a couple of weeks. Maybe months. But when they

    were on the bus, a innocent women sat in a white man's seat. When he

    got back, he demanded her to get up! She refused to do his orders.

    When she did, the next thing she knew was that she was in a jail cell!

    She got arrested for her behavior even if it was just her answer on the

    bus. But all in all, this paragraph is just saying that the white people were

    rude, and disobedient to the black people but when Martin made those

    sentences of truth, peace came to America. White people were nice to

    the black people and the black people got back on the bus and were

    aloud to sit wherever they want (without being arrested) even next to the

    white people. Also in schools, black people got to be with the white

    people. They got to play together too. America balanced when peace

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Dr. MLK Jr.)

    stood up and went through every city.

         So, you know how we just read that? Well, my dream is similar to his.

    My dream is, to keep people from doing senseless and harmful things to

    others. In other words, STOP KILLING! On the news sometimes, I see

    people killing for no reason. Most times, police get information about the

    suspect. When they do, they have to find the suspect and then they take

    him/her to jail. But still, STOP KILLING! I know that killing is wrong but

    the killers/suspects don't. They think it's fun. So look, never do this stuff.

    So, if I tell a good speech, people will probably just probably understand

    and listen, and just like Martin's city, I hope I will have peace in America.

    Peace came to Martin's city so I hope it will come to mine for peace and

    NO KILLING! That is my wish of my city and that is my dream for the