•                               Our Dream
                                  By Sam Zak
     Martin Luther King Jr.
    Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and he made a speech his dream
    was to make white people respect black people and for his kids to
    stop get pushed around about there skin color. He wanted them go
    to the same bathroom, same restaurant, and same school. Another
    thing is to make black people and his kids to sit where ever they
    wanted to sit like Rosa Parks she didn't give here seat to a white
    person. So after that speech what ever Martin Luther king Jr. said
    came true.
    My dream is to stop all the bullying. At school hundreds of kids are
    getting bullied so that is why I want to stop all bullying. As thea
    bulling still goes on it still can hurt the kids who are getting picked
    on so the kids who are getting bullied can get cooler then the bully
    and the bull will stop picking on the kid. In the end that kid who got
    picked on know is getting friends and kids stopped picking on him. So
    that is why my dream is to stop all bullying and the kids who get
    picked on do not get picked on the next day.