•                                    Our Dream
                                                          by:Christopher DiPoalo
                           dr. king
    When Martin Luther King Jr had his I had a dream speech he said," I hope
    that one day black boys and girls will hold hand with white boys and girls
    and that my 4 children will move to a nation and not to be treated by
    there skin but there character". Also he was awarded the Novell peace
    prize. But he was arrested many times. Also shockingly around the other
    parts of the country people where getting bet up and getting sent to
    prison and some even died for harmless protest. he was very good to this
    country but that one day when Martin Luther King Jr was at a hotel with
    his friends BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was shot dead the
    ambulance came thousands of people came to his burying.weeks later
    his killer was found and put in jail. So we never forgot him to this day and
    from his leadership black Americans are treated the same as white
    My dream for the world is to stop wars because wars are wrong. They
    have there country so if you try to take there country you are wrong. Also
    they have there country they found. you have your own country of you
    don't have there resources go ask if you could trade with them. because
    they might need something you have so trade. you should not start a war
    if they did nothing to you and if it is for another reason you still should not
    start a war think before you do something because they could take over
    your country or even 100% more bad they could blow up the town you
    live in. Also maybe make a compromise and work it out and it mite work
    out. Maybe you could become friends with that country and there could
    be peace. Also when you need something that they know how to make
    you could go get it from them. Also if they need something they could go
    get it from you and that is my dream for the world.