Our dreams
                      by Sydney Steiner
     Our Dreams
    Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream was to make equal rights between white
    people and black people. He wanted white children to play with black
    children. He thought that it was not fair that people had to feel like they
    were being put in groups by skin color. He felt that black people got the
    dirty out of shape things like dirty bathrooms, water fountains, and dirty
    schools. When the white people got brand new bathrooms, water
    fountains, and schools. Although Martin Luther King Jr. was only thirty-nine
    when he died he was a very important person to the black history.
    I am very happy that is against the law for people to bully each other.
    Although, a lot of people aren't following that law. If people followed that
    law we can stop bullying! I think it's not fair that if a person is just a little
    bit different from another they get treated like they're totally wrong for
    being different. I have been bullied before and it is not fun. If the whole
    world stopped bullying the world would be a very peaceful place. We can make a
    difference! Let's stop bullying!