•                                                                                   Our Dreams
                                                                                          By Charlotte Filak
                                                                             Martin Luther King Jr
                                    Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream his dream was for everyone not to be based by their colored skin. But to have equal rights and to be able to do what white skinned people could do. This was not fair and this is not the way to treat a human being. He wanted his kids to live in a better world. In other words he wanted black and whites to get along.
                                     His dream did come true.
             Everyone has dreams my dream is for everyone to get along. There are so many people in the world who get In fights every day. I want that to end. I don't want anyone to bully, I don't want anyone to get excluded. This is not a nice way to treat anyone. The reason I don't want bullying or excluding is because this has happened to me more than it should. This happens to everyone once in their lifetime. But I don't want it to happen any more. If everyone stopped being mean we would have a much happier world. I hope someday  everyone does stop bullying. Even if it was for a day I think everyone would be much more happy. Martin Luther King Jr's dream came true and I hope mine does too.