• Native Americans

     I will teach you about the Eastern Woodlands. They used trees to build conies homes and tools. They kill there are so many Native American to Learn about. The Native were in the desert. The Native Americans built their homes named pueblos. They made there homes out of clay. They made there clothing out of wool and other animals. They were famous for clay pots. They barely got any water. There are so many coachers in the world.

     You should learn about the Native Americans of the North west coast. They built conies to go into the ocean to kill sea animals with punches they eat other stuff like berries. They wear stuff like hats and shirts. There tribes like Laokota.They used the rivers to catch salmon. They never wasted anything. There so much to learn about the North West Coast.

     Did you know about the Plains? The Plans built their homes out of wood their named Teepees. They hunted for buffo they needed buffo and they never wasted it. The buffalo was the most important to them. They used every part of the buffalo for something. Their are so many coachers to learn about.

    There are so many Native American tribes to learn about. They killed animals for clothing, food and other stuff. They were farmers they planted corn, beans, squash and pumpkin. They never wasted anything. They were famous for beaded necklaces. There are so many coachers to learn about.

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