• Native Americans


    It was a very difficult time for the Native of Americans of the northwest coast because they had to catch their own food and they were barefoot. These are some facts about the northwest coast there could be only a dozen families in a house at a time. Also that the food they ate were salmon, whales, seals, and wild berries. Another fact is that they were famous for totem poles potlatches fishing. Their natural resources were forests of cedar trees, wildlife, rivers, Pacific Ocean, fish and whales. Also their tribes are Chinook, Bella Bella, Inuit, tiling, Salish and tsimshian. That is some stuff about the north coast.

    The southwest is very interesting and these are some facts about the southwest. The natural resources they used were clay and sand. Also they made their clothing using natural resources like wool and sheep skin. Their food that they ate were corn, beans, squash, pumpkins and little desert animals. They are famous for clay, pots and pueblos. Their homes they lived In pueblos and Hogans. Also their tribes are Navajo, pueblos, apache, Hopi and the Anaszi. Those are some facts about the southwest.

    Do you know anything about the Native Americans? I do so here are some facts about the plains their natural resources are buffalo and deer. The homes they lived in were teepees and buffalo skin wrapped around wooden sticks and alde to move more quickly, they wore deerskin, shirts, dresses, moccasins, beads and feathers. Their Food that they ate was buffalo, deer, wild fruits, berries and vegetables. They were famous for buffalo and hunting. The tribes were Lakota and Dakota. That is some stuff about the plains.

    The Native Americans are very interesting theses resources they used were trees to build homes canoes and tools they used deer to eat and warmth. Also their homes were long wigwams. They wore animal skins fur and grass as their clothes. Their food that they ate was squash, beans, pumpkins, berries and nuts. They are famous for beaded necklaces. Their tribes are Iroquois, Delaware and Huron. That is some stuff about the eastern woodlands. Those are some facts about the eastern woodlands.

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