• Native Americans


    This is a piece of writing will be about the Plains Indians and their way of life. They follow herds of buffalo to get food, shelter, and clothing they need. They don’t farm because the crops will take too long. Women are in charge of the teepee, but men hunted the buffalo. These are true facts about the Plains Indians.

    The Eastern Woodlands are on the east side of the United States of America. They have plenty of wood there. They built homes made up of all wood. They hunted deer and small forest animals. The Eastern Woodlands was close to here. The tribes of the Eastern Woodlands had plenty of resources.

    The southwest is hard to make a way of life in. Some of the tribes built homes into mesas and cliffs like the Anasazi. They love to make pottery with beautiful patterns that tell stories. They rarely got rain, but somehow they farmed. The climate is harsh, but they managed to make a way of life.

    The Native Americans tribes of the Northwest coast have different natural resources and here are a few. They have a lot of trees, so there is a big supply of wood. Salmon is there most important source of food, but sometimes men go whaling. Whaling is very dangerous. If the men succeed they would have food and blubber for months. It doesn’t sound bad, but imagine if you were a Native American!

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