Native Americans

    Native Americans are very interesting. The southwest region lived in homes called pueblos, and hogans. The natural resources they had were clay, and sand. They used clay, and sand for pueblos, and hogans.  The food southwest ate were corn, beans, squash pumpkins, and small desert animals. Some of the Native American tribes were Navaho, pueblo, Hopi, and Anasazi. Some of the clothing was made of wool, and sheep skins. The southwest region was famous for clay pots, and pueblos. The southwest region was interesting.

    The northwest coast is another Native American region. They used natural recourses like cedar trees, wildlife, and the Pacific Ocean. The homes they lived in could hold a dozen families. The Northwest coast region didn’t make pottery. The clothing they wore was hats, capes, and they were barefoot, and they used cedar bark and dried grass. All the food they eat was salmon, whales, berries, sea lions, and seals. Some of the tribes were The Chinook, the Bella Bella, Salish, and Tsimshian. The northwest coast was famous for totem poles, potlatches, and fishing. The northwest coast was very astonishing.

    The Eastern woodlands are another Native American region. Some of the natural resources are trees for houses, and deer for warmth and meat the kinds of homes they lived in were called longhouses, and wigwams. They were famous for wampum. Wampum is a beaded necklace. A deer could be used for many things like food, or clothing for the winter because they were very covered in the winter in skins, fur, and grass, but in the summer they weren’t as covered. Some of the tribes were Iroquois, and the Delaware. The Native Americans of the eastern woodland were very awesome!

    The last Native American region is the Plains Native Americans. The most important thing to the plains was the buffalo. The buffalo could be used for meat, houses, tools, toys, warmth, and it’s a natural resources. The deer was also a natural resource. Some of the clothing they wore was shirts, dresses, moccasins, beads, and feathers. They were famous for buffalo hunting. One of the most important tribe was the Siaux. Other tribes were Nakot, Lakota, and Dakota. They won’t let anything go to waste. Now you know 4 Native American Region.

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