• Native American


    The natural resources are canoes-trees-and tools. They hunted deer to eat and use to stay warm. The homes they lived in are long houses and wigwams. The clothing was made from sheep skin and animal skin and grass. They made their own food by farming and maybe also hunted.

    If you read all of this now you know a lot about the

       Eastern Woodlands


    The Native Americans of the plains

    Did you know that the great plains of the U.S.A hunt for buffalo? They also used the buffalo skin for worth, and they used every seagull peas of the buffalo because it shows respect for the buffalo.

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    The southwest

          Did you know that the southwest made their own homes by clay and mud and, sometimes grass to? They put it in the sun to dry because, it then gets dry and hard and there house is reedy. When they went hunting they mad tools from wooed and made the tip of it sharp so it will kill the deer or buffalo to. They use the deer and buffalo skin also for warmth. So when I sed

    That they hunt for buffalo they used every single peas of the buffalo because it shoes                    


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    The Northwest Coast

         Do you know anything about the Northwest Coast? If you don’t read this and you will know everything about the Northwest Coast. The Northwest Indians lived war Washington, organ, northern California and Alaska is today. Some of the tribes are where the Chinook, the Inuit, and the, Tlingit. They made water proof masks, dresses, baskets, hats, and capes out of died grass and bark from the cedar trees.        


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