Native Americans


              If you want to learn about the Plains people read this page. The Plains Indians lived in the Great Plains. They hunted Buffalo.  When the buffalo is killed they use every part of it. The Buffalos meat was for food. The skin was used for clothing and tepees. It was also used to make shields and parfleches. The bones are used to make tools and to

    Feed the dogs if they have any. The Buffalo is important to the Plains people because it gives them what they need. You have just learned about the Plains people. I hope you liked it.


              If you want to learn about the Eastern Woodland read this page. Enjoy. The Eastern Woodland peoples Natural resources are trees, and canoes are made out of wood and homes, and tools. They kill dears for food and warmth. A longhouse is a log that’s a house but is very long. About 20 families can fit in ONE longhouse!! They would wear animal skin fur for clothing and it was winter not summer there. You have learned about the Eastern Woodlands. I hope you liked it.


    If you want to learn about the Southwest people read this page. I hope you like it. The Southwest Indians live in Mesa Verde. They call themselves the Anasazi people. They live in the desert. They made their houses out of stuff like mud. Then they left it in the sun in till it dried. They put it together and called it Pueblos. They also had houses called Hogens. They are rounded houses. You have learned about the Southwest people. Thank you for reading.


                If you want to learn about the AMAZING Northwest coast Indians read this page. Have fun. The Northwest coast Indians eat whales, seals and salmon. Poor whales seals and salmon. Did you know that the Northwest coast Indians live right next to the Pacific Ocean? Know you now. They made houses out of wood and cedar. They called the house a plank house. They share their houses with other families. The richest people sleep in the back. They have a hole in the roof to get the smoke out or to get light. There are two doors for exits. You have just learned about the Northwest coast Indians. I hope you liked these pages!