• Native American


                The eastern woodlands were one group of native Americans I learned about the Eastern woodlands lived in wigwams and longhouses. The tribes of this group were: troquois, Delaware, and huron, the Eastern woodlands are famous for wampums which are beaded  necklaces. They wore animal skin, fur, and grass. I hope you learned about the Eastern woodlands.


                        The Indians of the plains  are another group of native Americans I learned about the type of food they ate buffalo , deer , wild fruit , berries, and vegetables, pemmican. And many Indians lived in teepees or tipi. The Indians clothing was deerskin , shirts dresses, moccasins , beads , and feathers. They were famous for buffalo hunting their tribes are Sioux nakota Lakota Dakota.


     The Idians of the northwest coast their homes are plankhouses made of wood shared by many families their were holes in the roof to let the air and smoke out. Their clothing is made hats and capes of dried grass and cedar bark barefoot. Next is the food their food is salmon, seals , whale, clam, wild berries. They were famous for totem poles, potlatches, fishing, and jewelry. their tribes are Chinook, bella bella , inut, Tlingit, slaish, tsimshian.


    The Indians of the southwest was a another group I leaned about their natural resources are clay, sand. Their homes pueblos and hogans. Their clothing is they made their clothing from natural resources like wool and sheepskin. Their food are corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, and small desert animals. They were famous for clay pots, and pueblos. Their tribes are Navajo, pueblos, apache, hopi, anasazi.