• Native Americans



    My favorite Native American tribe is the Indians of the Eastern Woodlands, I am going to teach you some things about them.  They made conoes , homes, and tools out of homes.  Deer was for eating and wormth.  They made beaded neaklaces out of wampums.  I bet that the Eastern woodlands were hard workers.

    There are a lot of tribes, but I am going to tell you about the Indians of the South west.  The Indians of the South west made pueblos and hogans for homes.  They made clothing using natural resources like wool and sheepskin.  They were famous for their clay pots and pueblos.  The Indian of the South west are interesting people.

    Do you like the Indians of the great plains.  I hope you do because I am going to tell you about them.  There  natural resources are buffalo and deer.  For homes they  have Teepees.  Buffalo and deer are for food.  They are famous for buffalo hunting.  I love the native Americans of the great plains.

    I am going to tell you about the Indians of the North west coast.  The north west Indians do not make pottery.  Instead, they use trees and plants.  They actually wove water proof baskets, mats, hats and capes out of dried grass and bark cedar trees.  They are very smart people.