• Homework

    Students are generally given homework when necessary to reinforce the concepts that we discuss in class.  On average homework is given 3 nights per week.



    Announced and unannounced quizzes are given.  Most quizzes are announced and can be found on my homework calendar on the website.



    Tests will be given at the end of most chapters.  All tests are announces in advance and will be posted in my website calendar.  Study guides will be provided for tests and will be reviewed in class.


    Students will be required to do about one major or several minor projects each marking period.  Directions and rubrics will be given to students when the project is announced.


    Extra Help

    I am available each week for extra help Monday – Wednesday.  If those times do not work for you, please see me and we can work out another time.  I hold review sessions in class for tests to help review the main topics that will be covered on the assessment.


    Students are required to bring their iPad to class each day charged.  They must also have their bluetooth and wifi on at all times.  Photos, vidoes, and audio are not allowed to be taken during class unless they are given permission to do so.