• What is your favorite gym game?
     Do you know what is your favorite gym game? We do but you can tell us
    later. Our class had 23 kids that voted on what there favorite gym game
    was and the everyone had to pick a choice. There was Battle ship,
    Capture the flag, Secret snow person, centers, and falling stars. Capture
    the flag won, centers came in 2nd place, falling stars came in 3rd place,
    battle ship and secret snow person came last or in 4 place. So that is our
    class vote for gym. I hope you can make a some great chooses from the
    list I made for the great class.
     Click here see my Excel graph.
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    Help with math -

    Help with math

    There are many reasons that you should watch this video to help you but I'm just going to tell you the best reason. The main reason that I want you to watch my video is because I want you to learn something new and I want you to be able to multiply decimals. So just me thinking out loud wouldn't you want to learn something new because I would. Watch my video if you want to learn something new.

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