• What is Your Favorite Dessert?
        My partners and I asked my classmates what was there favorite dessert
    is. Then we told them that our choices were either pie, cake, ice cream,
    cupcakes, or cotton candy. Then we let them think for a minute. Now I
    said it is time to vote and who likes pie and only one person raised there
    hand. Then Charlotte one of my partners then said who likes cake and
    only two people raised there hand. After that Julian said who likes ice
    cream and eight people raised there hands. Nathan was the last person
    so he said who likes cupcakes and only three people raised there hand.
    But then we had one last dessert, so we said it and we said cotton candy
    but only seven people raised there hand. Ice cream was the favorite, and
    pie had the least amount of votes. We also had twenty-three people who
    Click here to see my Excel graph.