There are THREE places to check the current homework assignment: 

    1. Your iPad calendar! If you have NOT synced to my iCal, you need to do it ASAP! (ask me to help in class)

    2. My website calendar!  (here) but only if you cannot find it on your calendar.

    3. It is written on the HW board in school every single day. You should take a photo of it or write it down before you leave.

    There is no excuse for not knowing the homework!

    Are you having trouble completing the homework?? 
    If you are having trouble with homework, you can...
    Option #1:
    Rewatch My Math Videos! 
    I created videos to help students review what we have covered in class. They are available on my YouTube channel! Just remember to be patient, take notes, and watch until you understand!
    Option #2:
    Visit Khan Academy. (link below) It is another great resource to use at home on your iPad if my videos do not help!
    1. Click on the link below.
    2. Search your homework topic in the search bar.
    3. Watch the videos carefully and patiently until you find the video that will help you.


    Option #3:
    Do as much as you can and mark what you do not know.
    Effort is what matters! Do as many steps as you can. Many of the problems you will learn this year will take multiple steps to complete. Show each step and then write down a little notes on where you are stuck so I can help the next day. No credit will be taken off if this is done properly!

    Still having trouble???

     I am available after school for extra help until 3:25! Just make sure you let me know in advance! There is a late bus every Monday-Thursday that leaves at 3:30 and 4:15! If you do not plan on taking the late bus, please arrange for a ride home.