• Frequently Asked
    What are the parts of the Signal Hill School Enrichment Program?
    Identified groups in grades 3, 4, 5 begin meeting in mid-September, this is called "EP."
    Identified students in grades K - 2 will begin instruction in January.
    Special "Sparks" topic groups are also included. Topics vary according to marking period and include math, technology, and writing.
    How are students identified for EP?
    Several criteria such as standardized test scores, student profiles, classroom performance, creativity, and teacher recommendations are used to make the annual selection. The state of NJ mandates that schools must identify the top 3% of students in each individual grade for inclusion in an enrichment program. Voorhees Schools includes students in the top 5% of each grade. Once a student is in the program, they are expected to continue to maintain high levels of achievement in their classroom.
    What topics will be covered in EP this year?
    The main topics for third grade will be: Inventions, Chemistry, and Global Issues.
    The main topics this year for fourth and fifth grades will be:  Middle Ages, Shakespeare/Renaissance,  Archaeology, and Advertising.
    What will be covered in the K-2 program? 
    Small group sessions in these younger grades are referred to as "Sparks." In January, identified students in K-2 will work on logic, patterns, reasoning, memory, and creative expression.
    What programs are offered through "Sparks?"
    Technology Sparks was created to introduce 4th and 5th grade students to various aspects of coding. Groups are rotated in this program to give every 4th and 5th grade student a chance to participate.
    Writing Sparks is a group for students that show both an aptitude for and an interest in writing. In this very collaborative group we use the writing process to improve the overall quality of our work. 4th and 5th grade students are generally recommended for this program by their classroom teacher. 
    Math Sparks is for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades who are demonstrating high levels of performance in this subject area. Not all students will attend Math Sparks. This group is flexible and may change from year to year or even within a year. Math profiles, test scores, and teacher recommendation are used to determine participation in this group.
    What kinds of special topic activities/groups might occur during the school year?
    Challenge Bowls, Convocation, the Math 24 Challenge, and the Geography Bee are some of the activities that will take place this year.
    How can an adult help in the classroom?
    One way you can help is by volunteering to be a speaker on our current topic.  You can also volunteer to help at our special events.  An important way to help is by being involved in your child's education each day.  Ask questions.  Don't be satisfied with the answer, "Nothing."  Ask your child to summarize the story in reading.  Discuss the topic we're studying.  Have them dazzle you with some mental math problems you solve together.  Let him/her explain the steps of the latest science experiment, and ask what they learned from it.  Read a great book together.  Family time is precious and limited.  Make it count!