• FYI Bulletin



    2 boxes 24 Crayola Crayons
    3 Marbled Composition Books

    20 Pencils with Erasers

    1 Pair of Scissors (lefty if necessary)
    1 Box Gallon Size Plastic Bags or Sandwich Bags
    2 Containers Clorox/Lysol Wipes

    4 Glue Sticks

    2 each of Yellow, Red Blue Plastic Pocket Folders

    1 "Spacemaker" Pencil Box
    1 Hand Held Pencil Sharpener

    2 Boxes of Tissues

    2 Liquid Hand Soap Pump (not hand sanitizer)

    *Please replenish supplies as needed throughout the year


    Students in Grades 2 thru 5 receive Agendas/Planners purchased by our OPF Group.

    Your child MUST have his/her Agenda each day.

    Homework/Reminders will be written in Agenda each day.

    Please initial your child's Agenda each night.

    Birthday Celebrations

    Cupcakes, cookies, brownies and cakes may be sent in for birthday celebrations.
    Please do not send in items containing nuts or peanut butter.
    Please be aware that state policy prohibits food items containing sugar as the first ingredient.
    Please do NOT send in water ice, as per school policy.

    Please include napkins and/or plates.

    All cakes MUST be pre-cut before being dropped off at school.

    Lunch Money

    All lunch & snack money MUST be sent in an envelope, plastic sandwich bag or wallet with your child's name and "Borucki"on it.

    Scholastic Book Club


    Schedule Changes

    Please call or write a note for all changes in your child's regular routine/schedule.

    I can not allow your child to change his/her after-school routine without your confirmation.
    Thank you for your support in all these matters!