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    Many new and exciting skills are taught in second grade.  We encourage the children to expand their reading abilities and challenge themselves with a variety of literature. We strive to develop proficient writing skills through a variety of daily writing activities. 

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    During the second half of the school year, math concepts will become more challenging.  We add and subtract two-digit number with regrouping. We get into simple geometry and algebra.  As always, please review these concepts at home and continuous review of math facts to 18 is critical.
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    Establishing a "daily reading time" is crucial for the development and improvement of reading comprehension. The children are required to read 15 minutes a night Monday-Thursday and complete the weekly reading log.This is counted as reading homework and will be recorded in my gradebook. Weekend reading is considered "Bonus" reading and will enable your child to earn extra reward chart stickers. 

    I encourage the children to keep writing journals at home to continue with daily writing activities.

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    Homework assignments in both reading and math will be given Monday thru Thursday. (unless noted in Agenda)

    Each Friday, your child will be tested on the spelling list of the week, the story of the week and the grammar skill of the week.

    Please check your child's homework folder each night and remove "daily work" papers that have been completed.  

    District policy mandates 20 minutes of homework per night. (This is in addition to the 15 minutes of reading a night.)

    After you have checked over the homework assignment, please initial your child's Agenda so that we know you have reviewed it.